‘Homophobia’ is the wrong term…

‘Homophobia’ as a term/Limits of tolerance 

When Morgan Freeman, an acknowledged authority as an actor, recently said something like: ”Homophobia’ ? You’re not afraid of it. You’re against it!”, I certainly felt like registering my disagreement on this virtual sheet of paper.

Of course, I’m not afraid, at least not ‘phobia’-wise afraid – so far Mr. Freeman is quite right. Instead, my natural reaction to manifestations of gay passion in public, can better be described as something closer to nausea. I’m hardly a homophobe and I wish their community all the luck with their social recognition, marriages,  etc. Two objections though, – their marches could have been much quieter and they should not try to recruit minors.

Back to the term which has been utterly inacurate from the moment of coining. I’m not sure I approve a hetero couple kissing passionately in public either, however, to witness the same thing coming from two men is quite different. It upsets my stomach and therefore the term should rather be ‘homonausea’. It is distinctly my natural reaction, not a chosen attitude and I can’t help it – pretty much like in sneezing.

Come to think of it, should they feel the same way about a hetero-kiss? And keep quiet about the suffering involved too?, poor lot.

When I said earlier that I was homo-tolerant, I was only 90% honest. How all those posh children’s rights societies can close their eyes in front of the adoption of pre-school age kids into gay households, is beyond me. That’s the limit. Or rather, that should have been the limit. Unless we welcome the homo movement to take over one day and self-apocalypse?

There was once a smart comment on the gay adoption issue: ‘No problem if they adopt kids, the law must merely state that it should be the kids coming from homosexual families’.

Somehow, I never sneeze watching lesbian girls embrace.

uldis on April 8, 2013